Authors C – D


Cabot, Meg

Abandon Trilogy (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Insatiable (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Caine, Rachel

Morganville Vampires (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Outcast Season (Series Complete)

Revivalist (Series Complete)

Weather Warden (Series Complete)

Callahan, Coreene

Circle of Seven


Callihan, Kristen

Darkest London

Cameron, Sharon

The Dark Unwinding (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Cameron, Stella

Chimney Rock (Series Complete)

Court of Angels (Series Complete)

Carey, Anna

Eve (Young Adult - Series Complete)

Carey, Jacqueline

Agent of Hel

Kushiel’s Legacy (Series Complete)

Santa Olivia (Series Complete)

Carlisle, Jo

Lords of Pleasure (Series Complete)

Carlson, Amanda

Jessica McClain

Carriger, Gail

The Finishing School (Young Adult)

The Parasol Protectorate (Series Complete)

The Custard Protocol (Young Adult)

Carson, Rae

Fire and Thorns (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Carter, Aimee

Goddess Test (Young Adult – Series Complete)

The Blackcoat Rebellion (Young Adult)

Cashore, Kristin

The Seven Kingdoms (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Cass, Kiera

The Selection (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Cassidy, Dakota

Accidental Friends

Hell Series (Series Complete)

Cast, P.C. / Kristin

Goddess Summoning Series (Series Complete)

House of Night (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Partholon (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Castle, Jayne (Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick)

Arcane Society (Series Complete)

Dark Legacy (as Janye Ann Krentz)

Dreamlight Trilogy (Series Complete)

  • #1 – Fired Up (Arcane Society #7 – as Jayne Ann Krentz)
  • #2 – Burning Lamp (Arcane Society #8 – as Amanda Quick)
  • #3 – Midnight Crystal (Arcane Society #9, Harmony #7 – as Jayne Castle)

Ghost Hunter (as Jayne Castle – Series Complete)

Gift Series (as Jayne Ann Krentz – Series Complete)

Harmony Series (as Jayne Castle)

Ladies of Lantern Street (as Amanda Quick)

Looking Glass Trilogy (Series Complete)

Lost Colony (as Jayne Ann Krentz – Series Complete)

Rainshadow (as Jayne Castle)

St. Helen’s (as Jayne Castle – Series Complete)

Whispering Springs (as Jayne Ann Krentz – Series Complete)

Castle, Kendra Leigh

Dark Dynasties (Series Complete)

Hearts of the Fallen

MacInnes Werewolves (Series Complete)

Chance, Karen

Cassandra Palmer

Dorina Barasab

Lia de Croissets

Chandler, Elizabeth

Dark Secrets (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Kissed by an Angel (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Chapman, Elsie

Dualed (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Chapman, Janet

Pine Creek Highlander (Series Complete)

Midnight Bay (Series Complete)

Spellbound Falls

Charbonneau, Joelle

The Testing (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Chase, Ashlyn

Flirting With Fangs (Series Complete)

Strange Neighbors (Series Complete)

Childs, Tera Lynn

Fins (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Medusa Girls (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Oh. My. Gods. (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Chong, Stephanie

The Company of Angels (Series Complete)

Ciotta, Beth

The Glorious Victorious Darcys

Clare, Cassandra

  • The Bane Chronicles (Young Adult) reading list HERE
  • The Dark Artifices (Young Adult) reading list HERE
  • The Infernal Devices (Young Adult) reading list HERE (Series Complete)
  • Magisterium (Young Adult) reading list HERE
  • The Mortal Instruments (Young Adult) reading list HERE (Series Complete)

Clark, Marissa


Clark, Sonya

Magic Born

Clark, Tracy

The Light Key Trilogy (Young Adult)

Clenney, Anita

Connor Clan (Series Complete)

The Relic Hunters

Clifford, Leah

Touch Mortal (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Cochran, Molly

Legacy (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Cody, Christine

Bloodlands (Series Complete)

Cohn, Rachel

Annex (Young Adult)

Cole, Kresley

  • Arcana Chronicles (Young Adult) reading list HERE
  • Immortals After Dark reading list HERE
  • IAD: The Dacians reading list HERE

Collins, Kathleen

Realm Walker

Collins, Nancy

Golgotham (Series Complete)

Collins, Suzanne

Hunger Games (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Condie, Ally

Matched (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Connor, Ellen

Dark Age Dawning (Series Complete)

Cook, Kristi

Winterhaven (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Cooke, Deborah

The Dragon Diaries (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Dragonfire (Series Complete)

Cooper, Isabel


Highland Dragon

Cooper, Karina

Dark Mission (Series Complete)

St. Croix Chronicles

Crane, Carolyn

The Disillusionists (Series Complete)

Creagh, Kelly

Nevermore (Young Adult)

Cremer, Andrea

The Inventor’s Secret (Young Adult)

Nightshade (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Nightshade Legacy (Young Adult)

Nightshade Prequel (Young Adult – Series Complete)

The Forbidden Side of Nightshade (as A.D. Robertson)

Crewe, Megan

Earth and Sky (Young Adult)

The Way We Fall (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Croft, Nina

Dark Desires

Laws of Segregation (e-book – Series Complete)

Melville Sisters (e-book series)

The Order (e-book series)

Sisters of the Moon (e-book – Series Complete)

Croft, Sydney

  • ACRO reading list HERE

Cross, Julie

Tempest (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Cross, Kady

Steampunk Chronicles (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Cross, Kate

Clockwork Agents (Series Complete)

Crossan, Sarah

Breathe (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Cuccaro, Paige


Cummings, Lindsay

The Murder Complex (Young Adult)

Cunningham, Bailey

Parallel Parks

Curley, Marianne

Avena (Young Adult)

Cypess, Leah

Death Sworn (Young Adult)

Mistwood (Young Adult – Series Complete)


D’Abo, Christine

- The Shadow Guild

Damico, Gina

- Croak (YA) (Series Complete)

Damschroder, Natalie J.

- Goddesses Rising (Series Complete)

Dane, Jordan

- The Hunted (YA) (Series Complete)

Dane, Lauren

- Bound by Magick (Series Complete)

- Cascadia Wolves

- de La Vega Cats

-Federation Chronicles /Phantom Corps (Series Complete)

- Rowan Summerwaite

Dane, Tami

- Sloan Skye (Series Complete)

Daniels, J.C.

- Colbana Files

D’Arc, Bianca

- Brotherhood of Blood

- Guardians of the Dark (Series Complete)

- Resonance Mates (Series Complete)

- String of Fate

- Tales of the Were

Dare, Lydia

- Regency Vampyre Series (Series Complete)

- Westfield Wolves (Series Complete)

Dark, Juliet

- Fairwick Chronicles (YA) (Series Complete)

Darnell, Melissa

- The Clann (YA) (Series Complete)

Davidson, MaryJanice

- Fred the Mermaid (Series Complete)

- Queen Betsy/Undead Series

*On MaryJanice Davidson’s site, she listed this as the complete Queen Betsy/Undead reading list, adding in several books from the Wyndham Werewolves series since characters and stories overlap.

- Wyndham Werewolves

Davies, Jocelyn

- A Beautiful Dark (YA) (Series Complete)

Dawn, Tessa

- Blood Curse

Dawson, Delilah S.

- Blud (Series Complete)

- Servants of the Storm (YA)

Day, Alyssa

  • League of the Black Swan reading list HERE
  • Warriors of Poseidon reading list HERE

Day, Sylvia

-Carnal Thirst (Series Complete)

- Dream Guardians (Series Complete)

- Marked (as S.J. Day) (Series Complete)

- Renegade Angels (Series Complete)

Deebs, Tracy

- Tempest (YA) (Series Complete)

de la Cruz, Melissa

-The Beauchamp Family

- Blue Bloods (YA) (Series Complete)

- Blue Bloods Cycle #2 (YA)

- Heart of Dread (YA)

- The Ring and the Crown (YA)

- Wolf Pact (YA)

DeLake, Kris

- Assassin’s Guild (Series Complete)

Delany, Shannon

- 13 To Life (YA) (Series Complete)

- Weather Witch (YA) (Series Complete)

DeLima, Jan

- Celtic Wolves

Delsol, Wendy

- Stork (YA) (Series Complete)

Demetrios, Heather

- Dark Caravan Cycle (YA)

Dennard, Susan

- Something Strange and Deadly (Series Complete)

DePaul, Virna

- The Belladonna Agency

- Para Ops (Series Complete)

Derting, Kimberly

- The Body Finder (YA) (Series Complete)

- The Pledge (YA) (Series Complete)

- The Taking (YA)

Despain, Bree

- Into the Dark (YA)

- The Dark Divine (YA) (Series Complete)

Desrochers, Lisa

- Personal Demons (YA) (Series Complete)

DeStefano, Lauren

- The Chemical Garden (YA) (Series Complete)

- The Internment Chronicles (YA)

Devlin, Ivy

- Low Red Moon (YA)

Devon, Cat

- Entity (Series Complete)

DeWylde, Saranna

- 10 Days Series (Series Complete)

Diaz, Stephanie

- Extraction (YA)

Dittemore, Shannon

- Angel Eyes (YA) (Series Complete)

Dodd, Christina

- The Chosen Ones (Series Complete)

- Darkness Chosen (Series Complete)

Dohner, Laurann

- Cyborg Seduction

- Mating Heat

- New Species

- Zorn Warriors

Dolamore, Jaclyn

- Dark Metropolis (YA)

- Magic Series (YA) (Series Complete)

Dominic, Cecilia

- The Lycanthropy Files (e-book series)

Donnelly, Jennifer

- Waterfire Saga (YA)

Dorset, Skylar

- Otherworld (YA)

Douglas, Carole Nelson

- Delilah Street (Series Complete)

Douglas, Kate

- DemonSlayers (Series Complete)

- Dream Catchers (Series Complete)

- Spirit Wild

Douglas, Kristina

- The Fallen (Series Complete)

Drake, Jocelynn

- The Asylum Tales

- Dark Days (Series Complete)

Driza, Debra

- Mila 2.0

Dryden, Delphine

- Steam and Seduction

Duncan, J.N.

- Jackie Rutledge

Durgin, Doranna

- The Reckoners (Series Complete)

Durst, Sarah Beth

- The Lost

Duvall, Dianne

- Immortal Guardians

Duvall, Karen

- Knight’s Curse (Series Complete)


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