Authors E – F

*YA indicates a Young Adult title.

*NA indicates a New Adult title.


Eden, Cynthia

  • Bound reading list HERE
  • The Fallen reading list HERE (Series Complete)
  • Immortal Danger reading list HERE (Series Complete)
  • Midnight Series reading list HERE (Series Complete)
  • Night Watch reading list HERE (Series Complete)
  • Phoenix Fire reading list HERE

Ee, Susan

- Penryn and the End of Days (YA)

Egan, Alexa

- Imnada Brotherhood

Eimer, Patricia

- Speak of the Devil

Elliott, Kate

- The Black Wolves

- Spiritwalker (Series Complete)

Estep, Jennifer

  • Bigtime reading list HERE (Series Complete)
  • Elemental Assassin reading list HERE
  • Mythos Academy (YA) reading list HERE

Evans, Anna J.

- Demon Bound (Series Complete)

Evans, Leigh

- Mystwalker


Falkner, Tammy

- Faerie

Fallon, Leigh

- Carrier Trilogy (YA)

Falls, Kat

- Fetch (YA)

Fantaskey, Beth

- Jessica (YA) (Series Complete)

Fawcett, K.M.

- The Survival Race

Feehan, Christine

  • Dark Series reading list HERE
  • Ghostwalkers reading list HERE
  • Leopard Series reading list HERE
  • Drake Sisters / Sisters of the Heart reading list HERE

Fennell, Judi

- Bottled Magic (Series Complete)

- Tritone Trilogy (Series Complete)

Fine, Sarah

Servants of Fate

Fitzpatrick, Becca

- Hush, Hush (YA) (Series Complete)

Flinn, Alex

- The Kendra Chronicles (YA)

Folsom, Tina

- Scanguards Vampires

Forrest, V.K.

- Clare Point (Series Complete)

Fox, Addison

- Sons of the Zodiac (Series Complete)

Fox, Angie

- Demon Slayer (Series Complete)

- Monster M.A.S.H. (Series Complete)

Fox, Cathryn

- Eternal Pleasures (Series Complete)

Francis, Diana Pharaoh

- Horngate Witches (Series Complete)

Frank, Jacquelyn

- The Gatherers (Series Complete)

- Immortal Brothers

- Nightwalkers (Series Complete)

- Shadowdwellers (Series Complete)

- Three Worlds (Series Complete)

- World of Nightwalkers

Frankel, Jordana

- The Ward (YA)

Frenette, Bethany

- Dark Star (YA)

Frost, Kimberly

- Etherlin (Series Complete)

- Southern Witch

Frost, Jeaniene

  • Broken Destiny reading list HERE
  • Night Huntress reading list HERE (Series Complete)
  • Night Huntress World reading list HERE
  • Night Prince reading list HERE

Fuller, Tara

- Kissed by Death (YA)


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