Authors I – J

*YA indicates a Young Adult title.

*NA indicates a New Adult title.


Inclan, Jessica

- The Being Trilogy (Series Complete)

- The Believe Trilogy (Series Complete)

Ione, Larissa

  • ACRO reading list HERE
  • Demonica/Lords of Deliverance reading list HERE
  • MoonBound Clan Vampires reading list HERE

Irons, Katherine

- Seaborne (Series Complete)

Ivy, Alexandra

  • Bayou Heat reading list HERE
  • Guardians of Eternity reading list HERE
  • Immortal Rogues reading list HERE (Series Complete)
  • The Sentinels reading list HERE


Jackson, Corrine

- Sense Thieves (YA) (Series Complete)

James, Allyson

- Dragons (Series Complete)

- Stormwalker

- Tales of the Shareem

James, Ellie

- Midnight Dragonfly (YA) (Series Complete)

James, Elliott

- Pax Arcana

Jane, Missy

- Gargoyle Masters

Jasper, Elle

- Dark Ink Chronicles (Series Complete)

Jay, Stacey

- Annabelle Lee

- Juliet Immortal (YA) (Series Complete)

Jayne, Hannah

- Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles (Series Complete)

Jewel, Carolyn

- Witches (Series Complete)

Free Fall is based on the short story Future Tense but is considerably expanded and includes scenes that were censored from the short story.

Johnson, Alaya

- Zephyr Hollis

Johnson, Christine

- Claire de Lune (YA) (Series Complete)

Johnson, Elana

- Possession (YA) (Series Complete)

Johnson, Jean

- Flame Seas

- Guardians of Destiny

- Shifting Plains (Series Complete)

- Sons of Destiny (Series Complete)

Johnson, Michelle L.

- Divine

#1 – Divinity

Johnson, Suzanne

- Sentinels of New Orleans

Jones, Carrie

- Need (YA) (Series Complete)

Jones, Darynda

  • Charley Davidson reading list HERE
  • Darklight (YA) reading list HERE (Series Complete)

Jones, Lisa Renee

- Zodius (Series Complete)

Jordan, Sophie

- Firelight (YA) (Series Complete)

- Uninvited (YA)

Julian, Stephanie

- Forgotten Goddesses (Series Complete)

- Lucani Lovers


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