Authors M – N

*YA indicates a Young Adult title.

*NA indicates a New Adult title.


Maas, Sarah J.

- A Court of Thorns and Roses (YA)

- Throne of Glass (YA)

MacAlister, Katie

- Aisling Grey: Guardian (Series Complete)

- Dark Ones

- Light Dragons (Series Complete)

- Silver Dragons (Series Complete)

- Time Thief

Macallan, Jess

- Set in Stone

- Witch Series (YA)

MacInerney, Karen

- Tales of an Urban Werewolf (Series Complete)

MacKay, Allie

- Highlander

MacKenzie, Kasey

- Shades of Fury (Series Complete)

MacLeod, Shea

- Dragon Wars

- Sunwalker Saga

Madison, Shawntelle

- Coveted

Mafi, Tahereh

- Shatter Me (YA) (Series Complete)

Maguire, Eden

- Beautiful Dead (YA) (Series Complete)

- Dark Angel (YA) (Series Complete)

Mahoney, Karen

- Moth (YA)

- The Iron Witch (YA) (Series Complete)

Maitland, Piper

- Night Series

Maizel, Rebecca

- Vampire Queen (YA)

Mallory, H.P.

- Dulcie O’Neil (Series Complete)

- Jolie Wilkins (Series Complete)

- Peyton Clark

Mancusi, Mari

- Blood Coven (YA) (Series Complete)

Manning, Jamie

- Blood Prophecy (YA) (Series Complete)

- Generations Trilogy (YA)

March, Lucy

- Nodaway Falls

Marillier, Juliet

- Blackthorn and Grim (YA)

- Shadowfell (YA)

Marr, Melissa

- Untamed City (YA)

- Wicked Lovely (YA) (Series Complete)

Marsh, Anne

Blue Moon Brides

- Fallen (Series Complete)

Martin, Gail Z.

- Deadly Curiosities

Martine, Hanna

- The Elementals

Matson, Lynne

Nil (Young Adult)

Maxwell, Gina L.

- Prophecy of Souls

May, Elizabeth

- The Falconer (YA)

Mayer, Shannon

- Rylee Adamson

Mayhue, Melissa

- Daughters of the Glen (Series Complete)

- Warrior (Series Complete)

Mazzuca, Debbie

- MacLeod Series (Series Complete)

McBride, Lish

- Necromancer (YA)

McCarty, Sarah

- Reaper Series

- Shadow Ranglers (Series Complete)

McCleave, Annette

- Soul Gatherer (Series Complete)

McClellan, Rachel

- Fractured Light (YA) (Series Complete)

McCray, Cheyenne

- Magic Series (Series Complete)

- Night Tracker (Series Complete)

- Wonderland (Series Complete)

- Return to Wonderland (Series Complete)

McDermott, D.L.

- Cold Iron (e-book series)

McDonald, L.J.

- Sylphs Series

McEntire, Myra

- Hourglass (YA) (Series Complete)

McGowan, Maureen

- Dust Chronicles (YA)

McGuire, Seanan

- Ghost Stories

- Incryptid

- October Daye

McHugh, Crista

- Diezian Empire

- Elgean Chronicles

- Kavanaugh Foundation

- Soulbearer (Series Complete)

McKenna, Annmarie

- Mates (Series Complete)

McLeod, Anitra Lynn

- Fringe

- Onic Empire (Series Complete)

McLeod, Suzanne


McMann, Lisa

- Dream Catcher (YA) (Series Complete)

- Visions (YA)

McMaster, Bec

- London Steampunk

Mead, Richelle

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  • Bloodlines (YA) reading list HERE
  • Dark Swan reading list HERE (Series Complete)
  • Georgia Kincaid reading list HERE (Series Complete)
  • Vampire Academy (YA) reading list HERE (Series Complete)

Meade, Kelly

- Cornerstone Run Trilogy (e-book series)

Meadows, Jodi

Orphan Queen

- Newsoul (YA) (Series Complete)

Meding, Kelly

- Dreg City (Series Complete)

- MetaWars (Series Complete)

Messenger, Shannon

- Sky Fall (YA)

Metcalf, Dawn

- The Twixt (YA)

Meyer, Marissa

- Lunar Chronicles (YA)

Meyer, Stephenie

- The Host

  • #1 – The Host
  • #2 – The Soul
  • #3 – The Seeker

- The Twilight Saga (YA) (Series Complete)

Meyers, Theresa

- The Legend Chronicles (Series Complete)

- Shadow Sisters

Miles, Elizabeth

- The Fury Trilogy (YA) (Series Complete)

Miller, Cat

- Forbidden Bond

Miller, Kirsten

- Eternal Ones (YA) (Series Complete)

Miranda, Megan

- Fracture (YA)

Mitchell, Saundra

- The Vespertine (YA) (Series Complete)

Moning, Karen Marie

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  • Highlander series reading list HERE (Series Complete)

Monir, Alexandra

- Timeless (YA) (Series Complete)

Monk, Devon

- Age of Steam (Series Complete)

- Allie Beckstrom (Series Complete)

- Broken Magic

- House Immortal

Monroe, Lee

- Dark Heart (YA) (Series Complete)

Monroe, Lucy

- Children of the Moon (Series Complete)

Monroe, Reese

- Bound by Hades

Moore, E.S.

- Kat Redding

Morgan, Alexis

- Paladins of Darkness (Series Complete)

- Talions (Series Complete)

- Warriors of the Mist

Morgan, Lou

- Blood and Feathers

Morgan, Page

- The Dispossessed (YA)

Moulton, Courtney Allison

- Angelfire (YA) (Series Complete)

Mullins, Debra

- Truth Seers

Murphy, C.E.

- Inheritors’ Cycle (Series Complete)

- Negotiator Trilogy (Series Complete)

- The Walker Papers

-Worldwalker Duology (Series Complete)

Myles, Jill

- Succubus Diaries (Series Complete)


Nance, Kathleen

- Earth Magic (Series Complete)

Nantus, Sheryl

- Blood of the Pride (e-book series)

Nash, Joy

- Druids of Avalon (Series Complete)

- The Watchers (Series Complete)

Naughton, Elisabeth

- Eternal Guardians

Navarro, Yvonne

- The Dark Redemption (Series Complete)

Neill, Chloe

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  • The Dark Elite reading list HERE (Series Complete)

Nelson, J.C.

- The Grimm Agency

Noel, Alyson

- The Immortals (YA) (Series Complete)

- The Soul Seekers (YA) (Series Complete)

Norris, Elizabeth

- Unraveling (YA) (Series Complete)

North, Phoebe

- Starglass

Northcott, Nancy

- The Protectors


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