Authors Q – R

*YA indicates a Young Adult title.

*NA indicates a New Adult title.


Quaid, Jamie

- Saturn’s Daughter

Quick, Amanda

- Arcane Society

Quinn, Devyn

- Dark Tides (Series Complete)

- Kith & Kynn (Series Complete)

-Vampire Armageddon (Series Complete)

Quinn, Erin

- Beyond

- Mists of Ireland (Series Complete)


Raasch, Sara

- Snow Like Ashes (YA)

Raby, Amy

- Hearts and Thrones

Rae, Beverly

- Cannon Pack (Series Complete)

- Magical Sisters (Series Complete)

- Para-Mates (Series Complete)

- Wild Things (Series Complete)

Rardin, Jennifer

- Jaz Parks (Series Complete)

Rayburn, Tricia

- Siren (YA) (Series Complete)

Redford, Jodi

- That Old Black Magic

- Thieves of Aurion

Redwine, C.J.

- Defiance (YA) (Series Complete)

Reinke, Sara

- The Brethren (Series Complete)

Rendahl, Eileen

- Messenger Series

Renwick, Sophie

- Immortals of Annwyn (Series Complete)

Resnick, Laura

- Esther Diamond

Reus, Katie

- Moon Shifter

Revis, Beth

- Across the Universe (YA) (Series Complete)

Reynard, Sylvain

The Florentine

- Gabriel’s Inferno (Series Complete)

Reynolds, D.B.

- Vampires In America

Richards, Elizabeth

- Black City Chronicles (YA) (Series Complete)

Richardson, Kat

- Greywalker

Richland, Anna

- Immortal Vikings

Rickloff, Alix

- Heirs of Kilronan (Series Complete)

Riordan, Rick

- The Heroes of Olympus

- Kane Chronicles

- Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Roane, Caris

- Guardians of Ascension (Series Complete)

- Men In Chains

Robb, J.D.

- In Death

Robert, Katee

- Sanctify

Robertson, A.D.

(see Andrea Cremer)

- The Forbidden Side of Nightshade

Robertson, Linda

- Persophone Alcmedi

Robson, Cecy

- Weird Girls

Rogers, Moira

- Children of the Undying (Series Complete)

- Sanctuary

- Southern Arcana

Roland, Lee

- Earth Witches

Rossi, Veronica

- Under the Never Sky (YA) (Series Complete)

Roth, Mandy M.

- Immortal Ops


  • #1 – Act of Mercy
  • #2 – Act of Surrender (e-book)
  • #3 – Act of Submission
  • #4 – Act of Security
  • #5 – Act of Command
  • #6 – Act of Passion

Roth, Veronica

- Divergent (YA) (Series Complete)

Rowe, Stephanie


- Order of the Blade

- Soulfire (Series Complete)

Rowen, Michelle

- Demon Princess (YA)

- Immortality Bites

- Immortality Bites Mysteries

- Living In Eden (Series Complete)

- Nightshade (Series Complete)

- Nightwatchers (YA)

Rowland, Diana

- Kara Gillian

- White Trash Zombies

Rush, Jaime

- The Hidden

- The Offspring (Series Complete)

Rush, Jennifer

- Altered (YA)

Rutkoski, Marie

- Winner’s Trilogy (YA)

Ryan, Amy Kathleen

- Sky Chasers (YA) (Series Complete)

Ryan, Carrie

- The Forest of Hands and Teeth (YA) (Series Complete)

Ryan, Cassie

- Seduction (Series Complete)

- Sisters of Darkness (Series Complete)


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