Authors Q – R


Quaid, Jamie

Saturn’s Daughter

Quinn, Devyn

Dark Tides (Series Complete)

Kith & Kynn (Series Complete)

Vampire Armageddon (Series Complete)

Quinn, Erin


Mists of Ireland (Series Complete)


Raasch, Sara

Snow Like Ashes (Young Adult)

Raby, Amy

Hearts and Thrones

Rardin, Jennifer

Jaz Parks (Series Complete)

Rayburn, Tricia

Siren (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Redwine, C.J.

Defiance (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Rendahl, Eileen

Messenger Series

Renwick, Sophie

Immortals of Annwyn (Series Complete)

Resnick, Laura

Esther Diamond

Reus, Katie

Moon Shifter

Revis, Beth

Across the Universe (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Reynard, Sylvain

The Florentine

Gabriel’s Inferno (Series Complete)

Reynolds, D.B.

Vampires In America

Richards, Elizabeth

Black City Chronicles (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Richardson, Kat


Rickloff, Alix

Heirs of Kilronan (Series Complete)

Riordan, Rick

The Heroes of Olympus (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Kane Chronicles (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (Young Adult)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Roane, Caris

Guardians of Ascension (Series Complete)

Men In Chains

Robb, J.D.

In Death

Robertson, Linda

- Persophone Alcmedi

Robson, Cecy

- Weird Girls

Rogers, Moira

- Children of the Undying (Series Complete)

- Sanctuary

- Southern Arcana

Roland, Lee

- Earth Witches

Rossi, Veronica

- Under the Never Sky (YA) (Series Complete)

Roth, Mandy M.

- Immortal Ops


  • #1 – Act of Mercy
  • #2 – Act of Surrender (e-book)
  • #3 – Act of Submission
  • #4 – Act of Security
  • #5 – Act of Command
  • #6 – Act of Passion

Roth, Veronica

- Divergent (YA) (Series Complete)

Rowe, Stephanie


- Order of the Blade

- Soulfire (Series Complete)

Rowen, Michelle

- Demon Princess (YA)

- Immortality Bites

- Immortality Bites Mysteries

- Living In Eden (Series Complete)

- Nightshade (Series Complete)

- Nightwatchers (YA)

Rowland, Diana

- Kara Gillian

- White Trash Zombies

Rush, Jaime

- The Hidden

- The Offspring (Series Complete)

Rush, Jennifer

- Altered (YA)

Rutkoski, Marie

- Winner’s Trilogy (YA)

Ryan, Amy Kathleen

- Sky Chasers (YA) (Series Complete)

Ryan, Carrie

- The Forest of Hands and Teeth (YA) (Series Complete)

Ryan, Cassie

- Seduction (Series Complete)

- Sisters of Darkness (Series Complete)


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