Authors S – T


Sagara, Michelle

Queen of the Dead (Young Adult)

Saintcrow, Lilith

Bannon & Clare (Series Complete)

Dante Valentine (Series Complete)

Gallow and Ragged

Hedgewitch (Series Complete)

Jill Kismet (Series Complete)

The Society (Series Complete)

Strange Angels (as Lili St. Crow) (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Tales of Beauty and Madness (as Lili St. Crow) (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Watcher (Series Complete)

Sandlin, Susannah

The Penton Legacy

Sands, Lynsay

Argeneau Rogue Hunter

Saxon, Lucy

Take Back the Skies (Young Adult)

Schafer, Kerry

The Between

Schreiber, Ellen

Full Moon (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Vampire Kisses (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Schroeder, Melissa

The Cursed Clan

Schumacher, Anna

End Times (Young Adult)

Schwab, Victoria

The Archived (Young Adult)

A Darker Shade of Magic (Young Adult)

The Near Witch (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Scott, Julianna

Holders (Young Adult)

Scott, M.J.

The Four Arts

The Half Light City (Series Complete)

Scott, Victoria

Dante Walker (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Fire & Flood (Young Adult)

Shannon, Samantha

The Bone Season (Young Adult)

Shearin, Lisa

Raine Benares (Series Complete)

SPI Files

Shepherd, Megan

The Cage (Young Adult)

Shields, Gillian

Immortal (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Shinn, Sharon

Shifting Circle

Shirvington, Jessica

Disruption (Young Adult)

The Violet Eden Chronicles (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Showalter, Gena

  • The complete Gena Showalter reading list can be found HERE

Shultz, Cara Lynn

Dark World (Young Adult)

Spellbound (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Silver, Eve

Compact of Sorcerers (Series Complete)

The Game (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Otherkin (Series Complete)

Simmons, Kristen

- Article 5 (YA)

- Glass Arrow

  • #1 – Glass Arrow

Sims, Jessica

- Midnight Liaisons

Singh, Nalini

  • Guild Hunter reading list HERE
  • Psy/Changeling reading list HERE

Sizemore, Susan

- Laws of the Blood

- Primes

Slade, Jessa

- Marked Souls (Series Complete)

Smith, Cynthia Leitich

- Feral (YA)

- Tantalize (YA) (Series Complete)

Smith-Ready, Jeri

- Aspect of Crow (Series Complete)

- WVMP Radio (Series Complete)

- Shade (YA) (Series Complete)

Snyder, Lucy A.

- Jessie Shimmer (Series Complete)

Snyder, Maria V.

- Glass Series (YA) (Series Complete)

- Healer (YA) (Series Complete)

- Insider (YA) (Series Complete)

- Study Series (YA)

Souders, J.A.

- Elysium Chronicles (YA)

Sowles, Joann I. Martin

- Brookehaven Vampires (YA)

Sparks, Kerrelyn

- Love at Stake

Spear, Terry

- Heart of the Jaguar

- Heart of the Wolf

Speer, Scott

- Immortal City (YA) (Series Complete)

Spencer, Jorrie

- Northern Shifters

Spencer, Wen

- Elfhome

Spotswood, Jessica

- Cahill Witch Chronicles (YA) (Series Complete)

Staab, Elisabeth

- Chronicles of Yavn

Stein, Jeanne C.

- Anna Strong (Series Complete)

Stevens, Amanda

- Graveyard Queen

Stevens, Gabi

- Time of Transition (Series Complete)

Stevens, Shelli

- Savage (Series Complete)

Stewart, K.A.

- Jesse James Dawson

Stiefvater, Maggie

- Books of Faerie (YA)

- Raven Cycle (YA)

- The Wolves of Mercy Falls (YA) (Series Complete)

Stohl, Margaret

- Icons (YA)

Stolarz, Laurie Faria

- Blue is for Nightmares (YA) (Series Complete)

- Touch (YA) (Series Complete)

Stone, Jillian

- Paranormal Investigator

Stone, Juliana

- Black Opals (Series Complete)

- Jaguar Warriors (Series Complete)

- League of Guardians (Series Complete)

Strong, Jory

- The Angelini (Series Complete)

- Fallon Mates (Series Complete)

- Ghostland World (Series Complete)

- Inked Magic

- Supernatural Bonds

Summers, Jordan

- Dead World (Series Complete)

Sun, Amanda

- The Paper Gods (YA)

Sutherland, Fae

- Skybound (e-series)

Swan, Joan

- Phoenix Rising (Series Complete)

Swank, Denise Grover

- Curse Keepers (NA)

Sylvan, Dianne

- Shadow World


Tabke, Karin

- Blood Moon Trilogy (Series Complete)

- Blood Sword Legacy (Series Complete)

- L.O.S.T. (Series Complete)

Tayler, Kassy

- Ashes (YA) (Series Complete)

Taylor, Laini

- Daughter of Smoke and Bone (YA) (Series Complete)

Taylor, Tawny

- Black Gryffon (Series Complete)

Therrien, Jessica

- Children of the Gods (YA)

Thompson, Rhonda

- Wild Wulfs of London (PNR) (Series Complete)

Thomas, Sherry

- Elemental Trilogy (YA)

Thomas, Stephanie

- The Raven Chronicles (YA)

  • #1 – Luminosity
  • #2 – Lucidity
  • #3 – Obscurity

Thompson, Vicki Lewis

- Babes on Brooms (Series Complete)

- Hex (Series Complete)

-Wild About You

Thurman, Rob

- Cal Leandros

- Chimera (Series Complete)

- Trickster (Series Complete)

Tiernan, Cate

- Balefire (YA) (Series Complete)

- Birthright (YA)

- Immortal Beloved (YA) (Series Complete)

- Sweep (YA) (Series Complete)

Ting, Mary

- Crossroads Saga (YA) (Series Complete)

Tintera, Amy

- Reboot (YA)

Treanor, Marie

- Awakened by Blood (Series Complete)

Trent, Tiffany

- The Unnaturalists (YA)

Truitt, Tiffany

- The Lost Souls (YA) (Series Complete)

Tucholke, April Genevieve

- Between (YA) (Series Complete)

Tyler, J.D.

- Alpha Pack

Tyler, Paige


- X-Ops

Tyler, Stephanie

- Defiance  (NA) (e-book series)

- Eternal Wolf Clan (Series Complete)


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