Authors U – V

*YA indicates a Young Adult title.

*NA indicates a New Adult title.



Vail, Michele

- Reaper Diaries (YA)

Valdes, Alisa

- Kindred (YA)

Vance, Talia

- Bandia (YA)

Vaughn, Carrie

- Golden Age

- Kitty Norville

*This is as complete as I could make it, using a combination of Wikipedia, the author’s site/blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.  If anyone has a more complete Kitty Norville reading list, feel free to let me know.

Vaughan, Elizabeth

- Chronicles of the Warlands (Series Complete)

- Epic of Palins (Series Complete)

Verday, Jessica

- The Hollow (YA) (Series Complete)

Viehl, Lynn

- Darkyn (Series Complete)

- Lords of the Darkyn (Series Complete)

- Disenchanted & Co.

- Kyndred (Series Complete)

- Youngblood (YA) (Series Complete)

Vincent, Rachel


- Shifters (Series Complete)

- Soul Screamers (YA) (Series Complete)

- Unbound (Series Complete)

Virgas, Anastasia

- Sisters of the Divine


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