Authors W – X

*YA indicates a Young Adult title.

*NA indicates a New Adult title.


Waggoner, Susan

- Timedance (YA)

Walker, Shiloh

- Fated (Series Complete)

- Grimm’s Circle

- The Hunters (Series Complete)

- FBI Psychics

- Mythe (Series Complete)

- The Veil (Series Complete)

Walters, N.J.

- Dalakis Passion (Series Complete)

- Legacy

- Project Alpha (Series Complete)

- Salvation Pack

- Shadow Ryders (Series Complete)

- Spells, Secrets and Seductions (Series Complete)

- Tapestries (Series Complete)

Warburton, Ruth

- Winter Trilogy (YA) (Series Complete)

Ward, J.R.

  • Black Dagger Brotherhood reading list HERE
  • Fallen Angels reading list HERE

Ware, Joss

- The Envy Chronicles (Series Complete)

Warren, Christine

Followers of The Others series will know that the publication order and the correct reading order do not line up.  What is listed below is the chronological reading order.

-  Gargoyles

- The Others

Warrington, Frieda

- Blood Wine (Series Complete)

Weatherly, L.A.

- Angel (YA) (Series Complete)

Weitz, Chris

- The Young World Trilogy (YA)

Wells, Jaye

- Sabina Kane (Series Complete)

- The Prospero’s War

West, Kasie

- Pivot Point (YA)

West, Melissa

- The Taking (YA)

Weston, Paula

- The Rephaim (YA)

  • #1 – Shadows
  • #2 – Haze
  • #3 – Shimmer
  • #4 – Burn

White, Cecily

- Angel Academy (YA)

White, Kiersten

- Mind Games (YA) (Series Complete)

- Paranormalcy (YA) (Series Complete)

Wilkinson, Kerry

- Silver Blackthorn (YA)

Wilks, Eileen

- Lupi

Williams, Alayna

- Tara Sheridan (Series Complete)

Williams, Avery

- Incarnation (YA)

Williams, Sandy

- McKenzie Lewis

Wilson, C.L.

- Tairen Soul (Series Complete)

- Weathermages of Mystral

Windsor, Anna

- Dark Crescent Sisterhood (Series Complete)

Wine, Mary

- Steam Guardians

Winnacker, Susanne

- Variants (YA)

- The Weepers (YA) (Series Complete)

Wisdom, Linda

- Hex

Wolf, Carol

- Wolf Moon Saga

Wolff, Veronica

- Highlands (Series Complete)

- The Watchers

Woon, Yvonne

- Dead Beautiful (YA) (Series Complete)

Wright, Laura

- Mark of the Vampire

Wright, Suzanne

- Phoenix Pack



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