Authors A – B


Abe, Shana

Drakon (Series Complete)

The Sweetest Dark (Young Adult)

Acosta, Marta

Casa Dracula (Series Complete)

Adams, Cat


Tales of the Sazi (Series Complete)

Thrall Series (Series Complete)

Adams, Lori

Soulkeepers (New Adult)

Adams, Tessa

Dragon’s Heat (Series Complete)

Lone Star Witch

Addams, Angela

The Order of the Wolf (E-book Series)

Adornetto, Alexandra

The Ghost House Saga (Young Adult)

Halo (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Adrian, Lara

  • The complete Lara Adrian reading list can be found HERE

Agresti, Aimee

Gilded Wings (Young Adult)

Aguirre, Ann

Apparatus Infernum (Series Complete)

Corine Solomon (Series Complete)

Dread Chronicles

Immortal Game (Young Adult)

Razorland (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Sirantha Jax (Series Complete)

Aiken, G.A.

  • The complete G.A. Aiken/Shelly Laurenston reading list can be found HERE

Akins, Karen

Loop (Young Adult)

Albin, Gennifer

Crewel World (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Alexander, Cassie

Edie Spence (Series Complete)

Alt, Madelyn

Bewitching Mystery

Altenburg, Paula

Demon Outlaws (Series Complete)

Amber, Elizabeth

The Lords of Satyr (Series Complete)

Anastasiu, Heather

Glitch (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Anders, Alivia

The Black Symphony Saga (Young Adult)

Andersen, Jessica

Final Prophecy (Series Complete)

Andrews, Ilona

  • The complete Ilona Andrews reading list can be found HERE

Angelini, Josephine

Starcrossed (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Worldwalker Trilogy (Young Adult)

Ann, Brooklyn

Scandals with Bite (Series Complete)

Appelhans, Lenore

The Memory Chronicles (Young Adult)

Archer, Jill

Noon Onyx

Archer, Zoe

Blades of the Rose (Series Complete)

The Ether Chronicles (Series Complete)

Hellraisers (Series Complete)

Nemesis, Unlimited (Series Complete)

Arista, Amanda

Diaries of an Urban Panther (Series Complete)

Armentrout, Jennifer L.

  • The complete Jennifer L. Armentrout reading list can be found HERE

Armstrong, Kelley

  • The complete Kelley Armstrong reading list can be found HERE

Arthur, A.C.

The Shadow Shifters

Shadow Shifters: Damaged Hearts (New Adult)

Arthur, Keri

The Damask Circle (Series Complete)

Dark Angels (Series Complete)

Myth and Magic (Series Complete)

Nikki and Michael (Series Complete)


Souls of Fire

Riley Jensen, Guardian (Series Complete)

Ripple Creek Werewolf (Series Complete)

Spook Squad (Series Complete)

Ashley, Amanda

Bound Series (Series Complete)

Dead Series (Series Complete)

Everlasting Series (Series Complete)

Children of the Night

Vampire Trilogy (Series Complete)

Ashley, Jennifer

Shifters Unbound

Ashton, Brodi

Everneath (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Ashwood, Sharon

The Dark Forgotten (Series Complete)

Aveyard, Victoria

Red Queen (Young Adult)

Ayers, Sidney

Demons Unleashed (Series Complete)


Baggott, Julianna

Pure (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Bailey, Kristin

Secret Order (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Ballenger, Kait

Execution Underground

Banks, Anna

Of Poseidon (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Banks, Dakota

Mortal Path (Series Complete)

Banks, L.A.

Crimson Moon (Series Complete)

The Dark (Series Complete)

Vampire Huntress Legend (Series Complete)

Bardsley, Michele

Broken Heart Vampires

Wizards of Nevermore (Series Complete)

Bardugo, Leigh

The Dregs (Young Adult)

The Grisha (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn

The Naturals (Young Adult)

Raised by Wolves (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Bast, Anya

Brotherhood of the Damned

Dark Magick (Series Complete)


Eadeii (Series Complete)

Elemental Witches (Series Complete)

The Embraced (Series Complete)

Otherkin (Series Complete)

Bateman, Sonya

Gavyn Donatti (Series Complete)

Baxter, Kate

True Vampire

Battis, Jes

OSI (Series Complete)

Beck, J.K.

The Shadow Keepers (Series Complete)

Behre, Mary


Bell, Dana Marie

Gray Court

Halle Pumas

Halle Shifters

Heart’s Desire

The Nephilim

Benedict, Lyn

Shadows & Inquiries (Series Complete)

Bennett, Jenn

Arcadia Bell (Series Complete)

Bitter Spirits

Benson, Amber

Calliope Reaper-Jones (Series Complete)

The Witches of Echo Park

Benulis, Sabrina

The Books of Raziel (Young Adult)

Berkley, Shea

Keepers of Life (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Berry, Nina

Otherkin (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Birch, Kate Jarvik

Perfected (Young Adult)

Bishop, Anne

Black Jewels (Series Complete)

The Others

Black, Holly

Curse Workers (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Modern Faerie Tales (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Black, Jenna

Faeriewalker Trilogy (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Guardians of the Night (Series Complete)

Morgan Kingsley (Series Complete)

Nikki Glass

Replica (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Black, Shayla

Doomsday Brethren (Series Complete)

Blair, Annette

Works Like Magic (Series Complete)

Blake, Deborah

Baba Yaga

Blake, Kendare

Anna (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Goddess War (Young Adult)

Blake, Lexi


Bonilla, Amanda

Sentry of Evil

Sexy Shifter Shorts (Series Complete)

Shaede Assassin

Bosworth, Jennifer

Struck (Young Adult)

Bowman, Erin

Taken (Young Adult)

Bracken, Alexandra

The Darkest Minds (Young Adult – Series Complete)

TBA (Young Adult)

Brady, Kira

The Deadglass Trilogy (Series Complete)

Bray, Libba

The Diviners (Young Adult)

Gemma Doyle (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Brennan, M.L.

Generation V/American Vampire

Brennan, Sarah Rees

The Demon’s Lexicon (Young Adult – Series Complete)

The Lynburn Legacy (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Brian, Kate

Shadowlands (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Briggs, Patricia

  • The complete Patricia Briggs reading list can be found HERE

Brisbin, Terri

Stone Circles

Brody, Jessica

Unremembered (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Brook, Meljean

The Guardians (Series Complete)

Iron Seas

Brooks, Cheryl

Cat Star Chronicles

Bross, Lanie

Fates (Young Adult)

Brown, Anne Greenwood

Lies Beneath (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Brux, Boone

Bringer and the Bane

Burch, Heather

Halflings (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Burnard, Marcella

Enemy Series (Series Complete)

Living Ink

Burns, Laura J.

Crave (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Burns, Monica

The Order (Series Complete)

Butcher, Jim

The Cinder Spires

Codex Alera (Series Complete)

Dresden Files

Butcher, Shannon K.

Sentinel Wars

Byrd, Rhyannon

Primal Instincts (Series Complete)

Grangers (Series Complete)


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