Authors E – F


Eden, Cynthia

Bound (e-book series)

The Fallen (Series Complete)

Night Watch (Series Complete)

Midnight (Series Complete)

Phoenix Fire

Purgatory (e-book series)

Ee, Susan

Penryn and the End of Days (Young Adult)

Egan, Alexa

Imnada Brotherhood

Eimer, Patricia

Speak of the Devil

Elliott, Kate

The Black Wolves

Spiritwalker (Series Complete)

Estep, Jennifer

  • The complete Jennifer Estep reading list can be found HERE

Evans, Anna J.

Demon Bound (Series Complete)

Evans, Leigh



Falkner, Tammy


Fallon, Leigh

Carrier Trilogy (Young Adult)

Falls, Kat

Fetch (Young Adult)

Fantaskey, Beth

Jessica (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Fawcett, K.M.

The Survival Race

Feehan, Christine

  • The complete Christine Feehan reading list can be found HERE

Fennell, Judi

Bottled Magic (Series Complete)

Tritone Trilogy (Series Complete)

Fine, Sarah

Servants of Fate

Fitzpatrick, Becca

Hush, Hush (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Forrest, V.K.

Clare Point (Series Complete)

Fox, Addison

Sons of the Zodiac (Series Complete)

Fox, Angie

Demon Slayer

Monster M.A.S.H. (Series Complete)

Francis, Diana Pharaoh

Diamond City Magic

Horngate Witches (Series Complete)

Frank, Jacquelyn

The Gatherers (Series Complete)

Immortal Brothers

Nightwalkers (Series Complete)

Shadowdwellers (Series Complete)

Three Worlds (Series Complete)

World of Nightwalkers

Frankel, Jordana

The Ward (Young Adult)

Frenette, Bethany

Dark Star (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Frost, Kimberly

Etherlin (Series Complete)

Southern Witch

Frost, Jeaniene

  • The complete Jeaniene Frost reading list can be found HERE

Fuller, Tara

Kissed by Death (Young Adult)


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