Authors G – H


Gabaldon, Diana


Galenorn, Yasmine

Fly by Night

  • #.5 – Flight From Hell (e-book)
  • #1 – Flight From Death
  • #2 – Flight From Mayhem

Indigo Court (Series Complete)


Whisper Hollow

Garcia, Kami

Beautiful Creatures (with Margaret Stohl) (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Dangerous Creatures (with Margaret Stohl) (Young Adult)

Legion (Young Adult)

Garey, Terri

Devil’s Bargain (Series Complete)

Nicki Styx

Garner, Cynthia

Awakening Series

Warriors of the Rift (Series Complete)

Garvey, Amy

Cold Kiss (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Gay, Kelly

Charlie Madigan (Series Complete)

Geissinger, J.T.

Night Prowler (Series Complete)

George, Lexi

Demon Series

Gideon, Nancy

Midnight (Series Complete)


Gier, Kerstin

Ruby Red (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Silver (Young Adult)

Gilley, Serena

The Forbidden Realm

Gilman, Laura Anne

The Devil’s West (Young Adult)

Paranormal Scene Investigations (Series Complete)

The Portals (Series Complete)

Retrievers (Series Complete)

Gilman, Sarah

Return to Sanctuary

Grace, Sable

Dark Breed (Series Complete)

Graham, Heather

Alliance Vampires (Series complete)

Bone Island (Series Complete)

Cafferty and Quinn

Krewe of Hunters

Flynn Brothers (Series Complete)

Harrison Investigation (Series Complete)

Vampire Hunters (Series Complete)

Grant, Donna


Dark Kings

Dark Sword (Series Complete)

Dark Warriors (Series Complete)

Druid’s Glen (Series Complete)


The Shields (Series Complete)


Rogues of Scotland

The Royal Chronicles (Series Complete)

Sisters of Magic (Series Complete)

Wicked Treasures (Series Complete)

Gratton, Tessa

The Blood Journals (Young Adult – Series Complete)

United States of Asgard (Young Adult)

Gray, Claudia

Evernight (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Firebird (Young Adult)

Spellcaster (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Green, Chris Marie

Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire

Vampire Babylon (Series Complete)

Green, Sally

Half Life (Young Adult)

Griffin, Bethany

Masque of the Red Death (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Griffin, Kylie

Light Blade (Series Complete)

Griffith, Clay

and Susan Griffith

Crown and Key

Griffo, Michael

The Darkborn Legacy (Young Adult – Series Complete)


Habel, Lia

Gone With the Respiration (Young Adult)

Hagen, Bethany

Landry Park

Haines, Jess

H & W Investigations

Haley, Cameron

Underworld Cycle (Series Complete)

Hamilton, Laurell K.

Anita Blake

Meredith Gentry

Hand, Cynthia

Unearthly (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Handeland, Lori

Nightcreature (Series Complete)

Phoenix Chronicles (Series Complete)

The Summer of Witches

Harkness, Deborah

All Souls (Series Complete)

Harlow, Karin

L.O.S.T. (Series Complete)

Harper, Dani

Dark Wolf

Changeling Series


Harper, Molly

Half Moon Hollow

Jane Jameson (Series Complete)

Naked Werewolf

Harper, S.J.

Fallen Siren

Harrington, Kim

Clarity (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Harris, Charlaine

Midnight, Texas

Sookie Stackhouse (Series Complete)

Harrison, Kim

  • The complete Kim Harrison reading list can be found HERE

Harrison, Thea

  • The complete Thea Harrison reading list can be found HERE

Harvey, Alyxandra

Drake Chronicles (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Haunting Violet (Series Complete)

The Lovegrove Legacy

Hashway, Kelly

Touch of Death (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Hastings, Avery

Feuds (Young Adult)

Hastings, Regan

Awakenings (Series Complete)

Hawkins, Rachel

Hex Hall (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Hex Hall Spin-Off (Young Adult)

Rebel Belle (Young Adult)

Hayes, Erica

The Seven Signs (Series Complete)

Shadowfae Chronicles (Series Complete)

Hayes, Gwen

Falling Under (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Held, Rhiannon

Silver (Series Complete)

Helvig, Kristi

Burn Out (Young Adult)

Hendrix, Lisa

Immortal Brotherhood (Series Complete)

Henry, Christina

Black Wings

Hickman, Tracy

with Laura Hickman

The Nightbirds

Higgins, Wendy

Sweet (Young Adult)

Hilaire, Tes

Paladin Warriors

Hill, Sandra

Deadly Angels

Hocking, Amanda

The Hollows (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Kanin Chronicles (Young Adult)

My Blood Approves (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Trylle (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Watersong (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Hodkin, Michelle

Mara Dyer (Series Complete)

Hogan, Tamara

The Underbelly Chronicles

Holloway, Emma Jane

The Baskerville Affair (Series Complete)

Holly, Emma

Tales of the Demon World (Series Complete)

Upyr/Midnight (Series Complete)

Holmes, Jeannie

Alexandra Sabin (Series Complete)

Holzner, Nancy


Howard, Amalie

Aquarathi (Young Adult)

Hudson, Tara

Hereafter (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Humphreys, Sara

Dead in the City

The Amoveo Legend

Hunter, C.C.

Shadow Falls (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Shadow Falls: After Dark (Young Adult)

Hunter, Elizabeth

Cambio Springs

Elemental Legacy

Elemental Mysteries (Series Complete)

Elemental World

Irin Chronicles

Hunter, Faith

The complete Faith Hunter reading list can be found HERE

Husk, Shona

Court of Annwyn


Shadowlands (Series Complete)


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