Authors K – L


Kade, Stacey

Project Paper Doll (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Kagawa, Julie

Blood of Eden (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Iron Fey (Young Adult – Series Complete)

The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten (Young Adult)

Talon (Young Adult)

Kane, Stacia

Downside Ghosts

Megan Chase (Series Complete)

Kantra, Virginia

Children of the Sea (Series Complete)

Kate, Lauren

Fallen (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Teardrop Trilogy (Young Adult)

Kaufman, Amie

(with Jay Kristoff)

The Illuminae Files (Young Adult)

(with Meagan Spooner)

Starbound (Young Adult)

Kaye, Laura

Hearts of Anemoi (Series Complete)

Keating, Taylor

Guardian Series (Series Complete)

Keaton, Kelly

Gods & Monsters (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Kellison, Erin

Shadow (Series Complete)

Shadow Kissed

Kelly, Nikki

The Styclar Saga (Young Adult)

Kemmerer, Brigid

The Elemental Series (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Kennedy, Stacey

Magic and Mayhem

Kenner, Julie

The Blood Lily Chronicles (Series Complete)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn

  • The complete Sherrilyn Kenyon reading list can be found HERE

Kerr, Katharine

Nola O’Grady (Series Complete)

Kincaid, S.J.

Insignia (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Kittredge, Caitlin

Black London (Series Complete)

Hellhound Chronicles

The Iron Codex (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Nocturne City (Series Complete)

Kizer, Amber

Fenestra (Young Adult)

Knight, Angela

Mageverse (Series Complete)

Time Hunters (Series Complete)

Knight, Deidre

Gods of Midnight (Series Complete)

Midnight Warriors (Series Complete)

Knight, Karsten

Wildefire (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Koch, Gini

Katherine Katt

Kohler, Sharie

Moon Chasers (Series Complete)

Krinard, Susan

19th Century Werewolf (Series Complete)

Fane (Series Complete)


Stone God (Series Complete)

Vampire/Werewolf Trilogy (Series Complete)

Krys, Michelle

The Witch Hunter (Young Adult)

Kuper, Tonya

 Schrodinger’s Consortium (Young Adult)


LaFevers, Robin

His Fair Assassin (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Lamb, Joyce

True Series (Series Complete)

Landers, Melissa

Alienated (Young Adult)

Starflight (Young Adult)

Lario, Rosalie

Demons of Infernum (Series Complete)

Laurenston, Shelly

  • The complete Shelly Laurenston reading list can be found HERE

Lazear, Suzanne

Aether Chronicles (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Leigh, Lora

  • The complete Lora Leigh reading list can be found HERE

Leigh, Vicki

Dreamcatcher (Young Adult)

Legrand, Claire

Winterspell (Young Adult)

Lima, Maria

Blood Lines (Series Complete)

Lindsey, Mary

Souls (Young Adult)

Lipinski, Maureen

Shadow’s Edge (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Littlefield, Sophie

Banished (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Aftertime (Series Complete)

Liu, Marjorie M.

Dirk And Steele

Hunter Kiss

Livingston, Lesley

Once Every Never (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Starling (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Wonderous Strange (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Locke, Kate

The Immortal Empire (Series Complete)

London, Alex

Proxy (Young Adult)

London, J.A.

Dawn Trilogy (Young Adult – Series Complete)

London, Laurie

Sweetblood (Series Complete)

Lopez, Lolita

Dragon Heat (e-book series)

Love, Kathy

Devilishly (Series Complete)

New Orleans Vampires (Series Complete)

Young Brothers (Series Complete)

Lu, Marie

Legend (Young Adult – Series Complete)

The Young Elites (Young Adult)

Lynn, J.

  • The complete J. Lynn / Jennifer L. Armentrout reading list can be found HERE

Lyon, Jennifer

Wing Slayer Hunters (Series Complete)


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