Authors O – P


O’Brien, Caragh M.

The Vault of Dreamers (Young Adult)

O’Hara, Tracey

Dark Brethren

Oliver, Jana

Demon Trappers (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Oliver, Lauren

Delirium (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Olson, Melissa F.

Old World

Scarlett Bernard

O’Rourke, Erica

Dissonance (Young Adult)

Torn (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Owens, Robin D.

Celta’s Heartmates

Ghost Seer

Mystic Circle

The Summoning (Series Complete)


Painter, Kristen

Crescent City (Series Complete)

House of Comarre (Series Complete)

Palmer, Pamela

Feral Warriors

Vamp City

Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean

Accidentally Yours

Pang, Allison

Abby Sinclair (Series Complete)

Parrish, Leslie

Extra Sensory Agents (Series Complete)

Peacock, Kathleen

Hemlock (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Pearce, Kate

Soul Justice

Tudor Vampire Chronicles (Series Complete)

Pearson, Mary E.

The Remnant Chronicles (Young Adult)

Peeler, Nicole

Jane True (Series Complete)

The Jinni

Perez, Marlene

Nyx Fortuna

Pettersson, Vicki

Celestial Blues (Series Complete)

Sign of the Zodiac (Series Complete)

Phoenix, Adrian


Maker’s Song

Pike, Aprilynne

Earthbound (Young Adult)

Wings (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Pinborough, Sarah

Tales From the Kingdom

Piper, Lindsey

Dragon Kings

Plum, Amy

After the End (Young Adult)

Revenants (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Poitevin, Linda

The Grigori Legacy

Porter, Sarah

Lost Voices (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Powell, Laura

Burn Mark (Young Adult)

Preble, Joy

Dreaming Anastasia (Young Adult – Series Complete)

Price, Kalayna

Alex Craft


Priest, Cherie

The Borden Dispatches

The Cheshire Red Reports (Series Complete)

Putney, M.J.

Dark Mirror (Young Adult – Series Complete)


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